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Forest360 is the result of a merger between two New Zealand forestry industry specialists, Woodnet and FOMS.

Established in 1999, Woodnet provided marginal land-use advisory, forestry planning and management consultancy services to private forest owners around New Zealand. Woodnet was acknowledged as a leading Emissions Trading Scheme specialist, helping clients maximise commercial opportunities in the scheme and navigate the scheme’s administrative and reporting requirements.

FOMS (Forest Owner Marketing Services) was established in 2004 by Mike Bartells and Peter Gresham to manage the harvesting and marketing of the TEFCO Forests after the collapse of Fletcher Challenge Forests. Over 15 years, FOMS and its people built on this business and successfully provided forest harvesting and marketing services to independent forest owners throughout the lower North Island. FOMS expanded to become one of the largest independent log procurement and forestry management providers covering the entire North Island.

The story of Forest360 is about the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, with specialists in the various functions of the business.

By combining the harvesting forest management services from FOMS with consulting, land-use advice and ETS services from Woodnet, Forest360 is now proudly full-service and nationwide in our offering.

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