Forest360 - Case Studies - Myles Goodwin

Location: Makarau, Northland, New Zealand

Date: 2018

Terrain: Medium

– Ground base operation
– 2 skid sites

“Whilst Forest360 didn’t promise the highest amount, they were the most realistic which counts for something in my book. Too often we all hear stories of forest companies over-promising and under-delivering trying to ‘buy the job’ and manage the fall out later.


  • Block Size: 5Ha
  • Makarau Farms
  • Reseached providers extensively including key local competitors
  • Forest360 were “head and shoulders” above local outfits


  • F360 delivered double the original tonnage estimate
  • Very happy with the management of the job and overall communication
  • Net return significantly better than original estimates

“They are good guys to deal with.”

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