Forest360 - Case Studies - Joel Reed

Location: Whanganui, New Zealand

Date: Started 2018 – Ongoing

Terrain: Steep

– Hauler Operation
– 34 sites, 2 stage tracking 3.3kms
– Average Production 196 tonnes per day

“Every step of the way they optimised and minimised the safety risk which was a big one for us.”


  • Block Size: 380Ha
  • RNZ Forest Block was purchased in 2010
  • RNZ used NZ based forestry advisors Forme and Bell Bully to do the due dilegence
  • Tendered to three Forestry Management companies


  • Forest360 advised RNZ that timber prices were good and waiting for additional growth added negligible returns
  • In addition to this, the volume of timber hitting the market from 1990 plantings was predicted to increase supply
  • Decision was made in 2015 to harvest and market the forest

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